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Cyber Monday: The online seller’s Black Friday

Cyber Monday joins Black Friday on the commercial advent calendar just as we get used to cringe-worthy videos of shoppers brawling over the latest forty inch TV.  But is the new online consumer frenzy all it is built up to be?

Let’s start with the bottom line: Total online sales on cyber Monday amounted to over $2 billion, setting a new record for the most money spent in one day online. Cyber Monday’s online sales were up 17% from last year, totalling nearly $2.04bn, according to online research firm comScore.

So it seems that Cyber Monday is as much of a success as Black Friday, if not more. A mall in St Louis was shut down and many shops had to shut their doors temporarily if not for the whole day when things got out of hand. On Cyber Monday by comparison, the advantages of online shopping were there for all to see: offers were snapped up calmly by people from their homes and workplaces.

There were some big winners as well. Perhaps it was telling that, even after the terrible press Walmart gained over planned Black Friday wage strikes, the world’s biggest employer still had the biggest online sales day in its history by far on Monday.

Mobile enabled sellers and mobile networks were also happy on the day as 30% of transactions were carried out on a mobile device.

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