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Green cat is no joke

Is it an alien? Is it a joke? A mysterious green cat has been seen walking the streets of a Bulgarian town.

This isn’t a hoax, it is a genuine mystery that has been baffling many. The bright emerald moggy has been seen, photographed and even filmed many times in the Bulgarian seaside town of Varna.

Theories as to how it became such a striking colour have included suggestions of foul play by vandals, but the latest conclusion is that it is simply a case of sleeping in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is believed this now famous feline has been unwittingly sleeping on a pile of discarded paint.

His choice of bed has given the cat international status, appearing on websites, in newspapers and on social media.

Other cats don’t seem to mind or notice his unusual colour and he has been seen hanging out with other local moggies quite happily!

The owner of this hapless kitty has yet to be traced and it is possible the cat is actually a stray.

I have seen some outrageous examples of dogs being dyed electric colours for poochy competitions, but never a radioactive-looking green cat!

A Facebook page has even been set up by people living in the town, in an attempt to track down anyone who might be responsible for dying this animal.

It did make me smile when I saw the pictures, but I hope someone manages to catch the cat and clean him up in case there is any danger to his health.


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