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How much screen time is too much?

I think we can all accept that we probably spend too much looking at a screen in our day-to-day lives.

Whether that is searching for items on your mobile, watching too much TV or staring at a monitor when you’re at work, society is relying on devices more and more these days.
And with all the information in the world at your fingertips, it isn’t hard to understand why we are looking at screens more and more.
Greater awareness of the disadvantages to mental health through excessive time on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and the rest is becoming more apparent, while there is also a greater propensity for bullying online. Too much time on computer games can also have an adverse effect on physical health.
Interesting research suggests that if you are on social media for more than two hours a day during the week, and more than four hours a day at the weekend, you could be suffering from a lack of overall wellbeing.
The government has announced a wide-ranging study into this issue and I think it is extremely important.
I’ve been told that when I was younger, I spent a lot of time wanting to watch TV.
I look at my nephew now, who is under two years old, and I am amazed at how transfixed he is by the TV and mobile phones if he starts watching something.
It shows the effect technology has on all of us and it is so important to ensure that we actually ensure that we do things in our lives like exercise and travel, rather than simply watch everybody else do it through a screen on our mobile or TV.
Of course, social media and technology used in the right way have huge benefits. I’m still in touch with friends in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and across the world thanks solely because phones allow me to be. It also allows us to learn pretty much anything we want, which is an incredible amount of freedom we can enjoy.
As with a lot of things in life, striking the right balance is the key. But it is important to recognise the pitfalls so that we can try to avoid them.

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