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The Beast from the East lives up to its name!

When it was first called the Beast from the East I thought forecasters were being a bit dramatic.

Often we are warned of weather conditions being potentially hazardous and then they end up being relatively tame.
That certainly isn’t the case this time around though! Couple that with the impending Storm Emma and there is plenty of bad weather to be concerned about.
I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen snowy conditions like this in the UK.
Snow drifts are creating so much snow that it almost buries my car and this is something I’ve not experienced in this country before.
I’ve just got back from a skiing holiday in France where they obviously get a fair amount of snowfall.
What we are currently going through is at a similar level, and I’m not even situated anywhere near a mountain!
We also don’t really know how to cope with these sorts of conditions in Britain and panic tends to ensue. It’s all about common sense in these situations though and it makes complete sense that schools are shut and employees are being encouraged to work from home.
There are so many stories of near misses and crashes that it’s frightening.
What is happening with motorists being stuck on a motorway in Scotland for nearly a full day is also horrible to hear about. I don’t know how I would cope in that situation.
You also worry about how the elderly and homeless people cope in these situations.
On the more positive side, some of my happiest memories of childhood were when it was snowing. When you’re in the comfort and warmth of your own home and take a look at the stunning scenes that snow creates, it really does look beautiful.
Sledging, building snowmen and throwing snowballs are also fun things to do no matter what age you are!
There are fun things to do in the snow but the main thing to remember is to stay safe.

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