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Kissing children is bad for their teeth!

Okay, so I really have heard everything now! Parents are being advised not to kiss their children on the lips before their baby teeth develop as it can cause them to rot!

One dentist has argued that kissing young children on the lips risks passing on harmful bacteria which their bodies are not ready to cope with.

Celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques told the Independent newspaper: “Saliva transfer from parent to child is a risk as this can spread bacteria from adult to child. This bacteria can cause decay of baby teeth.

“It can even affect the soft tissues and gums before the baby teeth have developed!”

This piece of advice has followed a variety of stories in the press about celebrities photographed kissing their children on the lips – apparently causing controversy. Celebrities to come under fire included David Beckham and Tom Brady.

Seriously, has the world gone mad? What is wrong with parents showing their children this perfectly appropriate level of affection? Parents will be told it is wrong to give their children a hug next!

Parenting was always one of the hardest jobs in the world, but these kinds of stories make it a million times harder. No wonder people get themselves in a spin trying to get it right: fruit is good one minute and then bad the next, health and safety has gone mad but parents are criticised for not letting their children climb enough trees and so on.

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