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What is a vampire facial?

When you hear the title vampire facial you know it’s going to be bad!

This new craze involves having blood taken from your arm and then injected back into your face.

The plasma is removed from the blood and it is this part that is injected back into the patient – apparently reducing the signs of ageing.

Personally I can’t imagine choosing to have needles stuck into my face – it seems like a grossly wrong interpretation of the phrase ‘beauty is only skin deep’.

This latest Hollywood craze is just another example of how ageist we are in our cultures. We go to great lengths – putting up with great pain and parting with huge amounts of cash – to try to stave off the natural process of growing old.

Other examples have included snail facials, urine facials and bee venom treatments (no thanks!).

Old people then become almost looked down upon with sympathy by our modern Western societies. Whatever happened to the idea that our elders were worthy of celebrating, honouring and looking up to?

In India, for example, the elders are the head of the family, and this is the case in many cultures around the world. I can’t see them injecting their face with their own blood just to prevent a couple of wrinkles.

Okay, I admit I have been known to cover my grey hairs and still wear my Doc Martin boots with pride, but I am going to try to grow old reasonably gracefully!

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