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The Valleys

A new MTV reality show has caused a bit of a stir amongst the people of Wales. The Valleys sees 9 young people from the Welsh Valleys move to Cardiff to try and make it big. They will be guided by two ‘mentors’ who will help them in their new lives. It seems that their ‘make it big’ options are quite limited as their mentors are a glamour model/photographer and a nightclub owner.

Local politicians and viewers have condemned the programme and called it an “embarrassment” to Wales. Chris Bryant, who is the MP for Rhondda said that the show was “twice as bad” as he had imagined and many viewers took to Twitter to say that The Valleys had made them “ashamed to be Welsh”.

I watched The Valleys and I can see where people are coming from – the stars of the show are crass and crude and seem to be well schooled in the art of getting attention, but do I really think that they represent the people of Wales? Of course not! It’s ridiculous to think that the general public will believe that these people, who have been chosen because of their outrageous antics, represent the people of Wales in any way.

I have been on a couple of nights out in Bridgend and Cardiff and they were… interesting to say the least but after those nights I in no way thought that everyone in Wales was a drunken and lairy because I’d seen a lot of people like that on my night out.

I think that people get very precious about the representation of their county or country. I’m English but I don’t get offended about the way that the people from Geordie Shore or TOWIE act, they’re on a TV programme! They’re meant to be over the top and ridiculous, that’s why people watch.

The Valleys may be a shock to the system for Welsh MPs who have never seen an MTV reality TV show before but I am a connoisseur and I know that in a couple of episodes time they will have calmed down. They’ll still be drinking and making fools of themselves but once relationships form and they start truly being themselves, things might be different. Then again, they might not. I’ll probably still keep watching it though!

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