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Jeff Winn reveals plans to expand his business

A Newcastle solicitor, who is predicted to make more than £10m this year, has revealed his plans to expand his business dramatically.

Founder and managing director of Winn Solicitors, Jeff Winn, is set to receive a £10m pay packet in April at the end of the financial year. His personal injury specialist law firm is now negotiating with private investors in the hopes that the business will expand by a further 50%.

Winn set up his law firm ten years ago after someone crashed into the back of his Jaguar. He previously worked as a partner at the Singleton Winn law firm.

Winn was left frustrated by the losses he incurred after the accident so he decided to set up his own legal practice which specialised in claiming from those who are directly at fault.

The practice is now a successful business with two sites in the North East.

Winn, 47, said: “There were eight of us 10 years ago and now we have 280 people working for us. They are saying it’s the fastest organic growth a law firm has had. It’s catapulted us into the top 200 law firms in the UK.

“We’ve got a very efficient system of lawyers. We’ve got a very fast and efficient service and we are going through 2,000 claims a month but these are only people who have been crashed in to. It’s about getting them back into a position they were in previously.”

Originally from Morpeth, Northumberland, Winn now lives in Jesmond, Newcastle. It is expected that in the 2012/13 year the law firm will generate profits of £12.1m and turnover is expected to reach over £39m by March 2013.

Winn continued: “We are in discussions with two private equity houses with the potential to invest a very large sum so we can grow even faster. We could grow by 40% or 50% if we get it absolutely right and that could come through about July time.”

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